50 Best Abortion Essay Topics

Choosing a topic is one of the most important parts of writing various papers. However, in many cases this can be a confusing task, causing complications at different stages of the work. Check out the essay topics about abortion that our specialists have compiled especially for you.

Tips on How to Select the Best Abortion Essay Topic

Follow the latest events and innovations. In the modern world, there are many changes, each of which can affect the state of a particular area. For this reason, it is necessary to remain vigilant so as not to miss out on something meaningful.

Discuss the issue with your supervisor. The instructors have extensive experience in both teaching and researching a wide range of phenomena. Moreover, an outside perspective can be much more objective than yours. Feel free to voice your concerns and find out all the relevant aspects.

Draw a parallel with your hobbies. Each topic can be explored from many angles. Moreover, the contribution of the author is a fundamental element of the writing of any paper. Use your imagination!

List of 50 Abortion Essay Topics

  1. Medical curettage of the uterine cavity in non-developing pregnancy.
  2. “Abortion victim” attitude to childbirth and abortion in the early years of Soviet power.
  3. Banning abortion for more than six weeks in Texas.
  4. Ways to Avoid the Risks of Surgical Abortion.
  5. Preparing patients for surgical termination of pregnancy.
  6. International experience in managing patients with side effects and complications after medical abortion.
  7. The course of gestation in primiparous women with a history of various types of abortion.
  8. Introduction of medical abortion in primary health care.
  9. Features of the emotional and volitional sphere of women who have had an abortion.
  10. Vacuum aspiration and medical abortion methods.
  11. Adolescent abortion is one of the factors of negative impact on reproductive health.
  12. Comparative analysis of the immediate outcomes of medical and surgical termination of non-developing pregnancy in the first trimester.
  13. A rare observation of the death of a patient after medical abortion.
  14. Evaluation of the efficacy and complications of early medical termination of pregnancy.
  15. Mifepristone in algorithms for medical abortion.
  16. Changes in homeostasis against the background of pharmacological termination of uterine pregnancy in the early stage.
  17. Salmonella abortion of sheep.
  18. Hippocrates’ attitude to abortion.
  19. Medical discourse is an object of text linguistics research (on the example of the use of the terms “abortion” and “miscarriage” in oral and written speech).
  20. The problem of moral justification for abortion in Muslim culture in the context of globalization.
  21. Illegal abortion: problems of interpretation and improvement of criminal law.
  22. Socio-pedagogical prevention of abortion among adolescent girls.
  23. The relationship between ancient and modern abortions.
  24. The problem of insufficient awareness of the nature of abortion and its consequences.
  25. The right to life of the embryo: civil law regulation of abortion.
  26. Determining the psychological characteristics of women after abortion.
  27. Abortion is one of the leading causes of maternal mortality.
  28. Mentions of abortion in the legacy of famous ancient figures.
  29. Induced abortion is a crime of parental rights.
  30. Diagnostics and prevention of salmonella abortion in mares.
  31. Clinical and epidemiological study of the impact of abortion on women’s reproductive health.
  32. Definition of the term “abortion” in international legal acts.
  33. The current state of criminal liability for illegal abortion in foreign countries.
  34. Conventional abortion: debatable issues of etiology and pathogenesis.
  35. Forced abortion.
  36. Legal issues in the regulation of abortion in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  37. Features of contraceptive use in women of childbearing age who have undergone a medical abortion.
  38. Causes of early miscarriages.
  39. The genesis of legislation for an illegal abortion.
  40. Influence of artificial termination of the first pregnancy on the course of the subsequent pregnancy.
  41. Medical and ethical problems of abortion.
  42. Post-traumatic stress disorder in women who have suffered perinatal losses in late pregnancy.
  43. Aristotle’s position on abortion.
  44. Social prevention of abortion among high school girls in the United States.
  45. Artificial abortion on medical grounds is a type of euthanasia practice.
  46. Correlation between the right to life of the unborn child and the right to abortion of the mother.
  47. The right to abortion: the state of legislation and implementation in the United Kingdom.
  48. Analysis of the structure of abortion in the practice of a family doctor.
  49. Pathogenetic role of amino sugars in habitual miscarriage.
  50. Experience teaching the problem of threatened abortion at the studying stage.

10 Abortion Essay Questions

  1. Does the victim’s pregnancy aggravate the punishment for illegal abortion?
  2. Abortion: murder or the right to dispose of one’s own body?
  3. What are advantages of medical abortion over artificial?
  4. What ancient sources mention abortion?
  5. What is the prevention of placental dysfunction in obese pregnant women?
  6. Will banning abortion solve the fundamental problems?
  7. What was the attitude towards abortion in the cultures of traditional societies?
  8. How can abortion be interpreted from a psychoanalytic standpoint?
  9. What is the algorithm for predicting miscarriage in conditions of natural iodine deficiency?
  10. What is the modern view of ectopic pregnancy?

10 Abortion Essay Ideas

  1. Adolescent pregnancy is a tragedy of our time.
  2. Treatment of chlamydial infection during pregnancy.
  3. Prognostic criteria for stillborn pregnancy in the early stages.
  4. Correction of hormonal homeostasis with oral contraceptives after medical termination of pregnancy.
  5. The subject of illegal abortion.
  6. Anthropological status of the human embryo in terms of abortion.
  7. The problem of abortion from the standpoint of Roman Catholic doctrine.
  8. Impact of the legislative ban on abortion on the rate of maternal mortality (on the example of Chile).
  9. The moral evaluation of “therapeutic abortion” in Catholic and Orthodox teachings.
  10. The embryo is a subject of biological rights in modern law.


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