50 Best Analytical Essay Topics

While the topic selection is the starting point for writing any academic paper, it can be more complicated than you think and even lead to several problems concerning various aspects of getting the work done.

However, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Our experts have compiled the most engaging essay topics about analytical phenomena to help you find the best one.

Tips on How to Select the Best Analytical Essay Topic

Turn everything into a source of inspiration. Due to the scale of the impact of analytics, it is possible to devote future work to research in an area of interest. Think about what scientific fields appeal to you the most and make your choice.

Ask for advice. It will never be superfluous to share your impressions and experiences regarding the performance of this or that task. Teachers and other students will help you deal with different difficulties and find a good idea.

Concentrate on a narrow issue. The wide choice is a common mistake among students. Writing academic papers, many of them get lost in the abundance of various aspects, not understanding what to focus on. At the beginning of the work, you can outline a wider range of issues, gradually narrowing it down.

List of 50 Analytical Essay Topics

  1. Anthropological analytics of corporeality in the space of social communication.
  2. Collaborative networking and learning analytics that supports it.
  3. The anthropomorphization of the concept of “war” in the mythological consciousness of the ancient peoples of Europe.
  4. Psychology of reflection of altered states of consciousness.
  5. Analytics and human-centered design in the management of the intellectual resource of the civil service.
  6. Jungian psychology and Freudian psychoanalysis in the PRC.
  7. Political discourse: an analytical review of theoretical and methodological approaches.
  8. Analytics of socio-cultural transformations: towards the consideration of the historical and cultural aspect of the problem.
  9. Social functions of the ceremony and ritual.
  10. Deep analytics in medical imaging.
  11. The problem of the soul in the philosophical dialogue between East and West of late antiquity.
  12. Analytical Anarchism: The Problem Of Definition And Demarcation.
  13. Global civil society as reality, normative construct, and ideology.
  14. Analytical and systematic approaches to the study of international relations.
  15. Friedrich Nietzsche as the forerunner of postmodernism.
  16. Analytical review of treatment regimens for acute radiation sickness used in the experiment and clinic.
  17. Illusory ideology: how the US non-fiction film became a weapon of the Cold War.
  18. Models of technical and economic planning in automated accounting systems of modern industrial enterprises.
  19. Logical analytics of state-legal conceptuality: extremism and terrorism.
  20. Shame is a demarcation of the visible and the invisible.
  21. Mathematical statistics in medicine.
  22. Simulacra and virtualization technologies.
  23. Theory and practice of analyzing the lyrical subject of modern poetry.
  24. Media mythology of the social in the nowadays society.
  25. Post-nonclassical analytics of the concept of human life.
  26. Anthropological constants of spiritual and practical discourse.
  27. Socio-cultural transformations in the continuum of European culture.
  28. Analytical chemistry of molybdenum.
  29. Sensuality analytics by Immanuel Kant and Jean-François Lyotard.
  30. The system of military physical training of Japanese samurai.
  31. Psychological and pedagogical aspects of the perception of the academic text.
  32. Typology of conceptual figures of thinking in modern culture.
  33. Understanding is a hermeneutic phenomenon in the philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer.
  34. Analytics of Nietzsche’s art and its aesthetic relevance.
  35. Key performance indicators of Internet projects are a basis for measurements in web analytics.
  36. The severity of stress and the efficiency of law enforcement officers.
  37. Scale in modern architecture.
  38. Big data analytics in telecommunications.
  39. Analytics of trauma in aesthetic discourse.
  40. The culture of rationality in the context of the objective drama of history.
  41. The relationship between the type of eating behavior and perfectionism in adolescent girls.
  42. The development of analytics is a method to improve the efficiency of retail chains.
  43. Linguistic ways of expressing ideological modality in media texts.
  44. Platonic “Phaedo” is a source of the formation of the doctrine of the second analytics.
  45. Dance movement therapy: the body as a mirror of the soul.
  46. Theoretical approaches to the study of the essence of magic.
  47. Artistic metaphor is a space for sociocultural analytics.
  48. The trend of naturalness in the social network Instagram from the bloggers’ positions.
  49. Martin Heidegger’s interpretation of poetry.
  50. Flower symbolism in the life of the Japanese.

10 Analytical Essay Questions

  1. Information technology in education for the knowledge society: is there a universal key?
  2. What are the risks of the impact of destructive trends on student youth?
  3. Lessons from the pandemic: will animation be the future of the media and entertainment industry?
  4. What is the semantics of the anime subculture?
  5. Touches for Oswald Spengler’s Portrait: Mythologist or Social Analyst?
  6. What web analytics tools are used to assess the effectiveness of ways to promote library resources?
  7. Is digital art a means of communication or new artistic imagery?
  8. What are the prospects for the use of three-dimensional visualization in analysis in archeology?
  9. Information Analytics: Esoteric Art or Modern Profession?
  10. What are the origins of futural mythologemes?

10 Analytical Essay Ideas

  1. The Eternal Feminine Motif in Symbolist Art.
  2. Jean Baudrillard: on the works of a sociologist and postmodern philosopher.
  3. Body events in psychoanalytic practice.
  4. Images of boats in Northern Eurasia.
  5. The population on the death penalty: law and public opinion.
  6. Street poetry: an experience of formal analysis of street art.
  7. Pathopsychological aspects of perseveration of interpolated heterogeneities in the painting of Salvador Dali.
  8. Reconstruction of mental trauma: restoration of the connection between times and events.
  9. The mythologeme of hell and heaven in modern literature.
  10. Predictive analytics in supply chain management.


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