50 Best Animal Farm Essay Topics

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Tips on How to Select the Best Animal Farm Essay Topic

Focus on your preferences. Remember that you need to be interested in the work. Discuss this with your professor or loved ones.

Highlight meaningful points as you read the original. It will help you not only remember the various details but also enrich the paper with quotes.

Check out the materials dedicated to the study. It applies to both scientific sources and posts on social networks or YouTube videos. Thanks to this, you will be able to clarify many aspects.

List of 50 Animal Farm Essay Topics

  1. Functional specificity and semantic classification of the metaphor in the story “Animal Farm”.
  2. Grammatical Means of Expressing Emotions in George Orwell’s books.
  3. The problem of human identity in the space of the dystopia “Animal Farm”.
  4. Dichotomous development of dystopia as a separate genre.
  5. The image of Russia in English literature of the 40s-80s of the XX century: to the problem of formation and functioning.
  6. Image of boundless freedom in “Animal Farm”.
  7. The depiction of the ideology of Marxism-Leninism in the dystopia “Animal Farm”.
  8. Personality in a global cultural crisis through the prism of the work of George Orwell.
  9. Chronotope in the story “Animal Farm”.
  10. Similarities and differences between classic and new dystopias.
  11. “Animal Farm” is a devastating satire on the Soviet system.
  12. Expression of moral-philosophical judgments in the story “Animal Farm”.
  13. Betrayal of the ideals of the revolution in the “Animal Farm”.
  14. Political myths in the story “Animal Farm” and their temporal attribution.
  15. Identical signs of the societies of utopia and dystopia.
  16. The teachings of Karl Marx are a source of inspiration for George Orwell.
  17. Analysis of the public political speeches of the characters of “Animal Farm”.
  18. Features of the use of artificial languages in the dystopia of the twentieth century.
  19. Research and classification of the use of animals as characters in “Animal Farm”.
  20. George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and its adaptation: pros and cons.
  21. Visualization of George Orwell’s dystopias.
  22. Communication interferences and language play (on the example of the book “Animal Farm”).
  23. Concept “Russia” in the English political story of the middle of the twentieth century.
  24. Rhythmic sequences as one of the central means of imitation of political discourse in the story “Animal Farm”.
  25. Population depiction in the dystopia “Animal Farm”.
  26. The influence of the work “Gulliver’s Travels” on the formation of the main motives of the books of George Orwell.
  27. Exposure of totalitarianism in the dystopia “Animal Farm”.
  28. Humanistic Ideas in the Journalism of George Orwell.
  29. Intertextual nature of George Orwell’s dystopia “Animal Farm”.
  30. The Search for Soviet Identity in the Story “Animal Farm”
  31. Utopia and Dystopia as Specific Forms of Relationship to the Order of the Future.
  32. An animalistic metaphor in political discourse (on the example of “Animal Farm”).
  33. The closeness of the author’s personality and the figure of the narrator are the basis of “Animal Farm”.
  34. Dystopia in the Chinese and Western European literary tradition (on the example of the “Cat Country” by Lao She and “Animal Farm” by George Orwell).
  35. The problem of dehumanizing a person in the dystopia “Animal Farm”.
  36. English-language dystopias are a field for the study of intertextuality.
  37. The rhetoric of power in the dystopia “Animal Farm”.
  38. Poetics of the figurative system in the story “Animal Farm”.
  39. Folklore traditions and features of their functioning in the story “Animal Farm”.
  40. Joseph Stalin is a prototype for one of the characters in “Animal Farm”.
  41. The connection between life and creative twists and turns of George Orwell.
  42. The problem of inequality in the dystopia “Animal Farm”.
  43. Russian myth and its corrupting influence on the English intelligentsia is a central element of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.
  44. The problem of “managing” human feelings in totalitarian cultures.
  45. Confiscation of George Orwell’s books in the Soviet Union.
  46. Strategies of domestication and foreignization in translations of the “Animal Farm”.
  47. The mechanism for creating an anthropomorphized portrait of an animal character in the dystopia “Animal Farm”.
  48. Between the present and the future: the fate of humanity in a dystopian discourse.
  49. The man in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.
  50. Genre and ideological specifics of the story “Animal Farm”.

10 Animal Farm Essay Questions

  1. What factors influenced the writing of the book “Animal Farm”?
  2. How personal characteristics are associated with the names of the heroes of “Animal Farm”?
  3. What is the philosophy behind George Orwell’s dystopian antiheroes “Animal Farm”?
  4. How are the motives of the story “Animal Farm” reflected in the modern world?
  5. What common motives can be found in George Orwell’s cult of the dystopias “Animal Farm” and “1984”?
  6. How did the society of the Soviet Union react to the publication of the story “Animal Farm”?
  7. What is the function of linguistic tools in creating satirical images in “Animal Farm”?
  8. Who are the goodies in George Orwell’s dystopia “Animal Farm”?
  9. What fundamental laws of human nature are reflected in “Animal Farm”?
  10. How can the characters in the story “Animal Farm” be investigated from the psychoanalytic positions?

10 Animal Farm Essay Ideas

  1. The depiction of the state apparatus in the “Animal Farm”
  2. Reflection of psychoanalytic concepts in “Animal Farm”.
  3. George Orwell’s dystopia “Animal Farm” is a prophetic warning about the consequences of globalization.
  4. Intertextual interactions between utopia and dystopia as a manifestation of genre intertextuality.
  5. An image of mind manipulation in “Animal Farm”.
  6. “Animal Farm” as a Socio-Economic Model of Modern Russia.
  7. Features of the opposition animal-human in the story “Animal Farm”
  8. The prohibition of George Orwell’s dystopias is an example of book censorship in the Soviet Union.
  9. Reforms and repression of the central character of “Animal Farm”.
  10. Dystopia “Animal Farm” and the consumer society.


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