50 Best Anthropology Essay Topics

Anthropology is one of the most complex sciences as its main concern is humanity in every possible disclosure. It is vital for understanding our behavior, biology, different cultures, and societies nowadays and throughout history. In a nutshell, this scientific study deals with everything connected to humans and the humans themselves. Thus, you certainly enjoy writing an essay for this subject since the challenge for reasoning skills, which is an integral part of the study, will reveal a lot of unknowns to you.

Tips on How to Select the Best Anthropology Essay Topic

To begin with, there are many branches of anthropology. Select the one you feel is the most suitable for you – sociocultural, biological, linguistic, art, media, music, economic, etc. Then find a specific aspect you’d like to elaborate on. Or you can just write about the development of this area, its concerns, some important scientists or breakthroughs, or problems.

What’s more, anthropology is the field where you have the opportunity not to be bored. Choosing a topic that fits your interests is not a big deal here. If you aren’t very familiar with the subject and don’t want to go deeply into it, try this life hack. Think about the phenomena that concern you – you can write about its impact on society!

Last but not least, keep in mind your teacher’s requirements for the essay while picking a topic. You can be restricted to one branch of anthropology or have volume limitations, that will oblige you neither to choose too wide topic nor too narrow.

List of 50 Anthropology Essay Topics

  1. Anthropology throughout the 19th century
  2. Anthropology in the 20th and 21st centuries
  3. Theories of sociocultural anthropology
  4. Problems in the anthropology of art
  5. Political economy in anthropology
  6. Stages and ways of development in the system of world human history
  7. Interaction between language and culture – an anthropologist’s view
  8. The emergence of races: questions and discoveries
  9. Human emergence – missing links
  10. Deviant behavior as a problem of sociocultural anthropogenesis
  11. The dynamics of the development of the psyche and behavior of ancient man
  12. Race concepts: differences in approaches and results
  13. Culture in a transforming society
  14. Overview of the concepts of human origins
  15. The role of labor in human evolution, its significance at present
  16. The social and biological roots of racism
  17. Social control as a special mechanism of social regulation of the behavior of people
  18. Suicide as a problem of a civilized society
  19. The theory of creationism and its view of anthropogenesis
  20. Criteria of culture and its beginning
  21. Socio-cultural consequences of civilization
  22. Culture and civilization. Is a compromise possible?
  23. Actual culture in the modern USA
  24. ​​Religion and culture: features of relationships
  25. Classic and “new” directions of anthropological research
  26. Altered states of consciousness: interpreting in cultural terms (traditional and modern contexts)
  27. Traditional shamanism in a post-industrial society
  28. Death (sleep, illness) in the cultural code of traditional and modern societies
  29. Physicality as a factor of cultural identity
  30. Ritualism in modern organizational and everyday practices
  31. Corporate holiday: rituals, values, social manipulation roles
  32. Old-timers and migrants: problems of cultural interaction and dialogue, economic and political interests
  33. Modern transnational associations of ethnocultural communities in the context of globalization
  34. Ethnophobia in the public mind
  35. Ethnic and religious stereotypes and prejudices as an element of interaction with other cultural groups
  36. Migration and ethnization of urban space
  37. Immigration and immigration policy in Europe
  38. Representation of national and religious minorities in the USA media
  39. Ethnic conflicts in the modern world
  40. Modern Islam in politics and politics in Islam
  41. Historical memory, nation, and nationalism
  42. Multiculturalism: modern concepts and practices
  43. Ethnicity as a form of organizing cultural differences
  44. Main ideas and contribution of Franz Boas
  45. Main ideas and contribution of Bronislaw Malinowski
  46. Main ideas and contribution of Margaret Mead
  47. Main ideas and contribution of Ruth Benedict
  48. Main ideas and contribution of Ralph Linton
  49. Main ideas and contribution of Claude Levi-Strauss
  50. Main ideas and contribution of Michel Foucault

10 Anthropology Essay Questions

  1. What is anthropology and why is it important?
  2. Who are the most influential figures in anthropology?
  3. Magical thinking in the modern world: a relic or a renaissance?
  4. What causes differences in people’s beliefs?
  5. What are the reasons for ethnic conflicts?
  6. How are societies formed?
  7. In what ways do people adapt to their environment?
  8. What are the main concepts of anthropology?
  9. What are some unsolved problems of anthropology?
  10. How does anthropology explain increasing poverty?

10 Anthropology Essay Ideas

  1. Ethnic processes in the modern world
  2. The nature of ethnic conflicts
  3. Forms and ways of settling ethnic conflicts
  4. The subject of anthropology of development
  5. Significant discoveries in feminist anthropology
  6. The interaction of cultural and mental processes
  7. Anthropogenesis: milestones of human cultural evolution
  8. Digital anthropology and the study of virtual communities
  9. Carlos Castaneda as a unique anthropologist
  10. The concept of “soul” in indigenous people

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