50 Best Argumentative Essay Topics

Without a doubt, everyone has some strong points of view, beliefs, and visions on numerous debatable topics. Writing your argumentative essay is a great chance not only to train your critical thinking and articulating skills but also to get the easiest A for the assignment. In case if you don’t know where to start as there’s too much to choose from, check some tips and more than 50 ready-to-use topics for the coolest argumentative essay.

Tips on How to Select the Best Argumentative Essay Topic

First and foremost, the best topic for an essay is the one that interests you. Fortunately, the list of topics to argue about is endless, which means there’s a perfect topic for everyone. Just think about something that bothers you and you’ll get your topic.

Moreover, it is a good idea to compose well-aimed catchy topics for such types of essays, they should immediately draw the attention of the reader. To give you an example, “Abortion is a murder” sounds much stronger than “Abortion should be banned”.

Finally, you have to consider your level and requirements for a successful essay topic. You won’t write a “Cats are better than dogs” essay in college, right? Neither will you pick a topic about history if the essay is for a Sociology class. For this reason, we tried to include diverse topics from different fields in our lists.

List of 30 Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. There are more than two genders
  2. Videogames can’t be blamed for children’s violence
  3. Nuclear weapons should be banned
  4. Guns should be illegal in the USA
  5. Clothes have no gender
  6. Same-sex marriages have to be allowed
  7. Advertising creates artificial needs
  8. Cable TV has done more harm than good
  9. Celebrities don’t have to be role models
  10. Corporal punishment of children must be illegal and strictly punished
  11. An artist has to suffer to create a masterpiece
  12. School uniform is a form of discipline
  13. Street violence will never stop
  14. Vaccination has to be obligatory
  15. Minors should be tried as adults for serious crimes
  16. Homeschooling does more good than harm
  17. Euthanasia has to be legalized
  18. Same-sex education is better than coeducation
  19. Abortion may popularize such a vision of life when a person’s being is not respected
  20. Almost all marketing gurus make money for nothing
  21. The client is always right
  22. Maternity leave for men has to be normalized
  23. Urbanization is the evil of the modern world
  24. High population growth rates have a positive effect on the country’s economy
  25. Mass media need to be censored
  26. School is suppressing the individuality of a student
  27. Parents and teachers are not responsible for student performance in high school
  28. The lines between rock and pop culture have blurred
  29. It is better for children when their parents divorce than stay in a miserable marriage
  30. Productivity culture is toxic

10 Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. For student lockers, school safety is more important than student privacy
  2. Religions only exist due to the lack of critical thinking
  3. The death penalty is an appropriate punishment in some cases
  4. It is OK not to love your parents
  5. Marriage is only beneficial for men in the patriarchal society
  6. Abortion is not murder but body autonomy
  7. Female beauty standards are rooted in pedophilia
  8. Arranged marriages are better than love marriages
  9. National security is more important than protecting civil liberties
  10. It is morally acceptable to experiment on animals for medical purposes

10 Research Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The voting right should be changed to the voting obligation
  2. Democracy is the best form of government
  3. Self-diagnosis for mental issues is valid
  4. Drugs that increase efficiency be allowed in sports
  5. Corruption, abuse of state power for personal gain, cannot be eradicated
  6. Development programs rarely benefit the poor
  7. Elections are not the best test of democracy
  8. Labor resources determine the economic potential of the country
  9. World War II could be easily overridden
  10. The atomic bombing of Hiroshima was justified

10 Argumentative Essay Questions

  1. Should cellphones be banned in schools?
  2. Should transwomen be allowed in women’s restrooms?
  3. Is it ever appropriate for the government to restrict freedom of speech?
  4. Why capitalism is harmful?
  5. Should America provide foreign aid to other countries?
  6. Should human cloning be banned?
  7. What is more important for success: talent or hard work?
  8. Is family the most important in one’s life?
  9. Does extraterrestrial intelligence exist?
  10. Is it unethical to eat meat?

10 Argumentative Essay Ideas

  1. Family is the main source of psychological trauma
  2. Fast food restaurants do more harm than good
  3. Hollywood films have a bad impact on the world
  4. Vegan parents mustn’t make their children vegan at an early age
  5. College or university education is not necessary
  6. A jury trial is ineffective
  7. The generation gap can’t be avoided
  8. Cancel culture is vital but it works incorrectly
  9. Giving birth to a child for unconditional love is narcissistic
  10. The private life of politicians shouldn’t concern the public

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