50 Best Beowulf Essay Topics

Beowulf is the most significant masterpiece of Anglo-Saxon literature. To this time, there are some unsolved questions about it – the author, the specific date, and others. The poem itself isn’t easy reading, thus we are here to offer some advice and practical help.

Tips on How to Select the Best Beowulf Essay Topic

Firstly, you should keep in mind the requirements for your work before choosing s topic for the essay. You may have some volume limitation, so pick a topic that will allow you to elaborate well without exceeding or missing that limitation. As for the deadline, remember that the closer the deadline, the easier topic may be successful.

Secondly, you should try to find something that touches you about this poem. You aren’t obliged to write about something you liked if you were completely displeased with Beowulf. You surely can express your feelings even if they are negative, so criticizing the main hero of the poem itself is also an option.

Lastly, if composing or choosing a topic seems to be too difficult – consult your teacher. They will find some aspect of the poem that fits your skills and reading experience best.

List of 50 Beowulf Essay Topics

  1. The significance of the poem Beowulf
  2. Historical background of Beowulf
  3. The role of digressions in Beowulf
  4. Explain the meaning of the ending of the poem
  5. The picture of Anglo-Saxon culture in Beowulf
  6. Beowulf is preoccupied with his fame
  7. The importance of establishing identity in Beowulf
  8. Heroic Code and other value systems in Beowulf
  9. The most heroic battle of the poem
  10. The moral of the poem
  11. Depiction of the enemies in Beowulf
  12. The role of religion in Beowulf
  13. Good warrior vs good king
  14. Motifs and symbols in Beowulf
  15. The role of women in the poem
  16. Archetypes in Beowulf
  17. “The ideal warrior”, based on the data of the poem
  18. Debates around authorship and date of Beowulf
  19. Criticism of the poem
  20. Politics and warfare in Beowulf
  21. The concept of heroism in the poem
  22. Pagan elements in Beowulf
  23. Christian motifs in Beowulf
  24. Tolkien and Beowulf
  25. The picture of barbarian Scandinavia in the poem
  26. Mysteries of the poem Beowulf
  27. The phenomena of Beowulf
  28. Main themes of the poem
  29. Tell about your impression of Beowulf
  30. What are Beowulf’s weaknesses?
  31. Historical parallels in Beowulf
  32. What are the similarities and differences between the poem and the movie Beowulf?
  33. Analyze the style of the poem
  34. Is Beowulf a good role model for youth?
  35. Analyze Beowulf’s motivation to kill Grendel
  36. Depiction of friendship in Beowulf
  37. The theme of loyalty in Beowulf
  38. The structure of the poem
  39. Beowulf’s androgynous heroism
  40. A touch of the monstrous in the hero
  41. Social structure in Beowulf
  42. Describe your general impression of the poem
  43. Analysis of a character: Beowulf
  44. Analysis of a character: King Hrothgar
  45. Analysis of a character: Grendel
  46. Analysis of a character: Grendel’s mother
  47. Analysis of a character: Unferth
  48. Analysis of a character: Wiglaf
  49. Analysis of a character: Shield Sheafson
  50. Analysis of a character: Hrethric

10 Beowulf Essay Questions

  1. Why Beowulf is considered the greatest piece of Anglo-Saxon literature?
  2. Was Beowulf a good leader?
  3. Was Beowulf supposed to fight the dragon?
  4. How does the treasure function in Beowulf?
  5. What is the importance of origin as seen in the book?
  6. How thoughtful and ignorant was Beowulf?
  7. How does the poet use the theme of revenge in a poem?
  8. Which character did you like most in the poem? Why?
  9. What is the role of the mead hall in the Anglo-Saxon warrior tradition?
  10. Do you consider Beowulf’s characters “modern”?

10 Beowulf Essay Ideas

  1. The most impressive battle in Beowulf
  2. Features of an epic poem in Beowulf
  3. Compare the characters of the poem
  4. Good and Evil in Beowulf
  5. Prove that Beowulf needs to be studied at school
  6. The limits of heroic action in Beowulf
  7. Describe your reading experience of Beowulf
  8. Medieval traditions in Beowulf
  9. The development of Beowulf’s character
  10. Compare Beowulf to another typical hero

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