50 Best Biology Essay Topics

The emergence and development of biology as science-led mankind to many useful and innovative discoveries that significantly accelerated the development process in all spheres of life. Modern biology as a system of life sciences offers many advantages, how to use the earth’s resources and how knowledge about the laws of nature. The place and tasks of biology can be useful not only in the preparation of a doctor, but will also be of great value for students of other faculties such as agricultural craft, veterinary medicine, botany, and so on. Therefore, all students will have to complete essays on topics about biology.

Tips on How to Select the Best Biology Essay Topic

Biology as a science can be very interesting and useful for almost every student, but you still need to know how to choose the right topic for future essay writing. Many experts recommend choosing the topic that interests you the most so that the essay writing process is easy. But if you yourself feel that you do not have enough knowledge on some issue or topic, then it is better to choose a topic that you want to research in more detail and share your achievements in an essay. You can also choose a theme from the list below. This list contains some of the very best biology topics that can reveal an important biology issue or phenomenon.

List of 10 Biology Essay Topics

  1. Levels of life organization.
  2. Elementary units, elementary phenomena, and manifestations of the main properties of life at different levels of its organization.
  3. Types of cellular organization and eukaryotic cells.
  4. The flow of information, energy, and substance in the cell.
  5. Regularities of the existence of a cell in time.
  6. Cell theory is proof of the unity of all living things.
  7. Genetic engineering, its tasks, capabilities, methods, achievements, prospects.
  8. Regeneration is a process of maintaining the morphophysiological integrity of biological systems at the level of the organism.
  9. Physiological regeneration, its meaning.
  10. The manifestation of regeneration at the subcellular and cellular levels.

10 Controversial Biology Essay Topics

  1. Development of ideas about the essence of life.
  2. Definition of life from the standpoint of a systems approach.
  3. Fundamental properties of living systems and attributes of life.
  4. Phases of physiological regeneration, mechanisms of its regulation.
  5. Reparative regeneration, its meaning. Reparative regeneration methods. Typical and atypical regeneration. Regeneration regulation.
  6. Features of regenerative processes in mammals and humans.
  7. Cellular sources of regeneration. Regenerative therapy.
  8. Mechanisms for maintaining homeostasis: regulatory system, regulation by disturbance, regulation by deviation, types of feedback, examples.
  9. Homeostasis concept. Mechanisms of cell cycle regulation as an example of maintaining homeostasis (cyclins, cyclin-dependent kinases, checkpoints).
  10. Genetic regulation of development, features of molecular genetic processes at different stages of ontogenesis.

10 Research Biology Essay Topics

  1. Genetic determinism of development, the differential activity of genes, the influence of ooplasmic segregation, T-locus, genes of puberty, aging.
  2. Intercellular interactions at different stages of ontogenesis.
  3. Death as a biological phenomenon (clinical, biological).
  4. Social and biological components of health and mortality in human populations. Longevity problems.
  5. The role of scientists in the development of general and medical parasitology.
  6. Rare human helminths: tapeworm, rat tapeworm.
  7. Systematic position, morphology, development cycle, routes of infection, substantiation of laboratory diagnostic methods, and preventive measures.
  8. Filariae: wuchereria, brugia, onchocerci. Systematic position, morphology, development cycle, routes of infection, localization in the human body, pathogenic effect, substantiation of laboratory diagnostic methods, and preventive measures.
  9. The history of the formation of evolutionary ideas. The essence of Charles Darwin’s ideas about the mechanisms of evolution of living nature.
  10. Synthetic theory of evolution.

10 Biology Essay Questions

  1. Origin of life: hypotheses of panspermia and abiogenic origin of life. The main stages of the emergence and development of life.
  2. The emergence of the cell as the starting point of biological evolution.
  3. Hypotheses of the origin of eukaryotic cells (symbiotic, invagination). The emergence of multicellularity. Differences between cells of single and multicellular organisms.
  4. Elementary evolutionary factors: mutation process, genetic combinatorics, population waves and genetic-automatic processes.
  5. Natural selection as the driving and directing force of evolution. Forms of natural selection.
  6. A species is the result of microevolution.
  7. Definition, structure, and criteria of the species. Genetic unity, the integrity of the species.
  8. Intraspecific differentiation of humanity.
  9. The main characteristics of the population as an ecological-genetic system: population area, number of individuals and its dynamics, sex and age structure, morphological and ecological unity.
  10. The gene pool of natural populations, the frequency of alleles, and genotypes. Hardy-Weinberg’s law.

10 Biology Essay Ideas

  1. Directions of evolution: aromorphosis, idioadaptation, morphophysiological regression.
  2. Forms of group evolution: phyletic, divergent, convergent, parallel.
  3. Evolutionary paths: biological progress and biological regression.
  4. Phylogenesis of the nervous system of vertebrates.
  5. Phylogenetically determined malformations of the brain as a result of impaired ontogenesis.
  6. Biological rhythms. The medical significance of chronobiology.
  7. Molecular and cellular manifestations of aging.
  8. The concept of biological age.
  9. Causes and mechanisms of aging.
  10. Gerontology and Geriatrics.

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