50 Best Bullying Essay Topics

Unfortunately, bullying at school or bullying is more common than it seems. Society has long been talking about the need to introduce a separate article into the Criminal Code that prescribes punishment for school bullying. However, there is no such article yet. However, this does not mean that the instigators of the persecution cannot be brought to justice.

Bullying refers to systematic psychological or physical pressure on a victim. It can be both threats, insults, ridicule, and blackmail, and beating, but if the aggressor can be held accountable for the beatings, then it is much more difficult to deal with emotional bullying at the level of the law. One of the main obstacles to punishing aggressors is their age. Therefore, some students will have to write many essays on this topic. But how do you choose the best theme out of the many options? Find out below!

Tips on How to Select the Best Bullying Essay Topic

In order to choose the best topic for writing an essay on bullying, you should think about and analyze which topic or issue is most relevant in our time. Try to remember if you have experienced bullying or how you can avoid it. Also, think about which of the topics you need to better understand the psychological process of bullying or the history of bullying, as well as the reasons for this. The easiest way is to choose a topic from the list below. It brings together the very best bullying topics, tailored to current issues and concerns. Pick any theme and you can’t go wrong.

List of 10 Bullying Essay Topics

  1. How does bullying negatively affect a child’s psyche?
  2. How does bullying negatively affect an adult?
  3. Why is bullying widespread in the 21st century?
  4. Methods for diagnosing bullying in the school team.
  5. Bullying prevention.
  6. Why is bullying prevention possible only with effective diagnostic tools?
  7. A list of commonly used methods of recognizing bullying in school in practice.
  8. Determination of the psychological climate of the group.
  9. Sociometry and bullying.
  10. What tools are there to assess the likelihood of bullying in a particular team?

10 Controversial Bullying Essay Topics

  1. Study of the psychological atmosphere in the group. Which practices work and which don’t?
  2. Features of bullying as a phenomenon.
  3. Creation of suicidal tendencies in children who are subject to bullying.
  4. The difference in qualities between the victim of bullying and the bully.
  5. How to raise the spiritual level of the child of the victim and the abuser to prevent bullying in school?
  6. The difference between bullying and rejection.
  7. The most essential controversial issue about bullying.
  8. How does bullying manifest itself in different countries of the world?
  9. Can bullying be avoided entirely?
  10. Should teachers and school psychologists be concerned with bullying prevention?

10 High School Bullying Essay Topics

  1. Group Cohesion Index and Bullying in High School.
  2. High School Bullying Prevention Techniques.
  3. Study of student satisfaction with school life.
  4. Why are student and team monitoring still one of the most common methods of bullying prevention?
  5. The psychological climate of the team in high school.
  6. Classification of bullying in high school.
  7. How can a high school student become depressed in the presence of bullying?
  8. What can tension and fear lead to in a high school student?
  9. How to determine the physical condition and behavior of a high school student if there is a threat of bullying?
  10. Express method for studying the social and psychological climate in a team.

10 Bullying Essay Questions

  1. How is negativism manifested when discussing the topic of bullying?
  2. How does a manifest child detachment from adults and peers?
  3. How is the child’s aggressiveness towards adults and children manifested?
  4. Why are resentment and irritability catalysts for the development of bullying in relation to the victim?
  5. What measures should an educational organization or any other childcare institution take to prevent early bullying?
  6. How is the process of discovering cohesive intergroup formations led by informal leaders going on?
  7. How and when is it worth conducting a sociometric survey to prevent bullying at school?
  8. How to observe the measurement of the degree of cohesion-disunity in a group?
  9. How to classify subjects based on the results of a sociometric experiment?
  10. How is the identification of the relative authority of group members based on sympathy-antipathy signs?

10 Bullying Essay Ideas

  1. Behavioral and emotional characteristics of bullying.
  2. How was the quantitative measurement and analysis of the structure of interpersonal relations in small social groups and collectives studied by fixing preference connections among their members in a choice situation?
  3. Tasks of sociometry in the prevention of bullying.
  4. Why is sociometry one of the few techniques today that allows you to determine the hidden system of interpersonal relationships?
  5. How does the value of sociometry increase when it is integrated with other methods of studying the individual and the group?
  6. How does the cultural level in a country affect the presence or absence of bullying among children?
  7. Is Home Moral Education Necessary to Prevent Bullying?
  8. How can an individual’s moral level change in a bullying environment?
  9. Why is bullying a very difficult problem in some countries?
  10. Death statistics for victims of bullying. The difference between countries where the statistics are higher and where the statistics are lower.

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