50 Best Business Essay Topics

If we look at the text of most of the vacancies on job search sites for the position of business analysts, we will find out an interesting pattern. In most cases, there is a requirement for knowledge of business processes. And this is logical! Each student at the Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship is faced with the need to understand what a business process is, why it was necessary to model business processes, and also he will have to get acquainted with the classification of business processes and other important processes. This article aims to introduce the reader to the many different topics of business essays.

Tips on How to Select the Best Business Essay Topic

The curriculum provides for the implementation by students of writing an essay, which helps them to consolidate and deepen the knowledge gained in lectures and practical classes and summarizes the individual mastering of the course materials.

The topic and purpose of the essay can be common for all students. For example, the purpose of a certain essay is to analyze the market for public catering, identify strengths and weaknesses and propose measures for its improvement and further development, as well as develop a business plan. When performing, the student must show a deep knowledge of economic literature, current legislative acts, be able to select, study and generalize materials from various sources of information, show proficiency in business planning techniques.

The student makes the choice of the topic, the object of research, and design independently, guided by his experience, knowledge, the possibility of obtaining information. This ensures a variety of approaches to solving an equally formulated problem. Any existing public catering enterprise can be selected as the object of study, or the option of opening a new small enterprise with a new product on the market can be considered.

Also, the student can choose the best topic from the list below. To choose a topic, a student may be guided by an interest in you or the need to expand the scope of his knowledge in the course of writing an essay. Therefore, the process of writing an essay will be fun and rewarding.

List of 50 Business Essay Topics

This list contains some of the best business topics that can help you gain new knowledge. In separate groups of topics for essays, you can select several topics from different areas and in the future, you will already know what topic you will write an essay on. But do not forget that it is recommended to discuss your choice of topic with the teacher.

10 Business Ethics Essay Topics

  1. Competition and Monopoly.
  2. Antimonopoly regulation of the economy.
  3. Types of firm competitive behavior.
  4. Types and methods of competition (fair and unfair competition).
  5. Business infrastructure and business ethics.
  6. Industrial and entrepreneurial activity and ethics at work.
  7. Commodity intermediary (commercial) entrepreneurship and ethics.
  8. Financial entrepreneurship and ethics.
  9. The concept and types of commercial transactions and business ethics.
  10. Features of pricing policy in the social and cultural sphere. Equilibrium price concept.

10 Business Law Essay Topics

  1. Legal assessment of the effectiveness of financial investments.
  2. Investment portfolio and legal regulations: concept, classification, goals of formation.
  3. Investment portfolio management strategies and legal assistance in this.
  4. Legal norms for financing innovative activities.
  5. Characteristics of taxes and tax incentives for cultural institutions.
  6. Organizational and legal forms of entrepreneurship.
  7. Small businesses and legal regulations therein.
  8. Founders and members of an entrepreneurial firm.
  9. Reorganization and liquidation of a company from a legal point of view.
  10. Methods and technology for concluding commercial transactions.

10 Business Management Essay Topics

  1. Borrowed sources of financing capital investments.
  2. World art market. Investment and management problems.
  3. American art market. Investment and management problems.
  4. Business and management subjects.
  5. Business and management interests in a business.
  6. Business environment and management.
  7. Internal business environment and management.
  8. Legal framework for entrepreneurial activity.
  9. Management information in business.
  10. Entrepreneurship and management functions.

10 Business Essay Questions

  1. What are the procedures for the use of funds under-spent in the reporting period?
  2. How can you describe in more detail the concept and types of investment risks?
  3. What are the main objects of financial investments and their distinctive features?
  4. What are the procedures for the distribution of a single income in cultural institutions?
  5. Can you describe the specifics of financing budget organizations?
  6. Describe what the content of the estimate and the argumentation of its articles is?
  7. What is the significance of additional sources of funding in cultural and art institutions?
  8. What types of paid services can you describe in cultural and art institutions?
  9. What are the external sources of financing for investment activities? Foreign investment.
  10. Business plan: role, structure. Is the importance of the business plan as the basis for strategic management necessary?

10 Business Essay Ideas

  1. Investment activity: subjects, objects, implementation mechanism, government regulation.
  2. Classification of investments. The concept and structure of capital investments.
  3. The essence of the budget. State budgetary policy in the United States.
  4. State guarantees for investment activities.
  5. Budgetary appropriations. Basic concepts in budget financing.
  6. Normative legal documents on the financing of cultural institutions.
  7. Investment project: what it is and what types there are.
  8. Methods for evaluating investment projects: general characteristics, principles for evaluating projects.
  9. The primary and additional sources of funding for cultural institutions.
  10. Inappropriate use of budgetary appropriations.

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