50+ Commentary Essay Topics: Find Your Inspiration Here

First of all, the essay is a literary genre. The name «essay» from French is translated as «sketch.» It expresses the author’s feelings and views. The commentary essay does not answer certain questions but rather simply conveys the author’s individual view of the topic.

The commentary essay writing develops argumentation, logic, correct expression of opinion, competent choice of information, and its delivery to the reader.

Here is some advice on how to start:

  • Try to be brief. Write simply and accurately, don’t pour water in the text.
  • Freedom in writing. Commentary essays are not strictly framed, and they’re designed to give freedom of thought. The construction depends on the author. Whether they will express one position or consider the topic from different sides depends only on the work’s creator.
  • Commentary essay follows the rules of a particular logic. Try to maintain the unity of thought, coherence. Do not forget about a clear, logical chain that should go through all the work.

From the above, it can be concluded that the commentary essay is characterized by a freestyle, the purpose of which is to force the reader to think. The author does not impose their position but calmly presents it by inviting the reader to join in examining the topic.

How to Select the Best Commentary Essay Topic?

The teacher usually provides a list of topics to be chosen by the student. However, if you do not have one and your topic is completely free, consider the audience you will represent your paper to.

If your essay is created for the report to the teacher, it is necessary to understand which aspects will be evaluated by it. Thus, the topic should be chosen with the opportunity to demonstrate the qualities that needed to be demonstrated. The uniqueness of point of view, ability to form beautiful sentences, orthography, competence in a certain question, etc.

It is important that you like this topic, as the audience almost always feels whether the author is passionate about their work or not. It is desirable to know this subject so that you can answer the sudden question of the audience.

To make the choice of students less difficult, our professionals have prepared a list of TOP commentary essay topics.

List of Commentary Essay Topics: 15 Approved Topics

  1. The concept and essence of nonverbal communication.
  2. Structure of local government.
  3. Communicative behavior in the organization.
  4. Politics and law in the Renaissance and Reformation.
  5. Consumer cooperation.
  6. Marketing policy.
  7. Shares of the enterprise.
  8. Constitutional law.
  9. Pedagogical science.
  10. The role and consequences of social and psychological problems in personal development.
  11. How to make a child want to learn.
  12. Social movements in the 19th century in the United States.
  13. US commercial banks.
  14. Division of labor.
  15. Features of children’s speech communication with hearing impairment.

10 Social Commentary Essay Topics

  1. Evolution of management.
  2. Sexual dimorphism in cognitive activity.
  3. Accounting for statutory capital and auditing procedures.
  4. Accounting for payments to suppliers and contractors, revenue, and expenses.
  5. Motivation for innate and acquired aggression.
  6. Basic approaches in management theory and practice.
  7. Linguistic peculiarities of scientific style.
  8. Psychological compatibility.
  9. Staff selection psychology.
  10. Forms of the state organization of foreign countries.

10 Personal Commentary Essay Topics

  1. History of the rhetoric’s development.
  2. The modern practice of remuneration of workers in enterprises.
  3. Functions of consciousness.
  4. Accounting for the activities of retail organizations.
  5. Methods of psycho correction.
  6. Physical exercise and its effect on muscles.
  7. Psychology and business ethics.
  8. Laws and categories of dialectics in pedagogical practice.
  9. The art of leadership without conflict.
  10. Financing and credit for business activities.

10 Higher Education Topics for Commentary Essay

  1. Means of commodity information.
  2. Nature and pattern of attention.
  3. Study of the nature of ball lightning.
  4. United States fuel and energy complex.
  5. Municipal law.
  6. Formation of authorized capital.
  7. Health effects of running.
  8. The economic activity of the company.
  9. Environmental problems and solutions.
  10. Methods and organization of independent exercise.

10 Commentary Essay Ideas in Case You Lack Inspiration

  1. Attention on the roads.
  2. World monetary system.
  3. Exercise of financial control.
  4. Labor psychology.
  5. Methods of enterprise environment analysis.
  6. Correction of fears in children.
  7. Intellectual property.
  8. Business communication.
  9. Stock exchange.
  10. State and law in the Roman Republic.

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