50 Best Geography Essay Topics

Feel embarrassed because of the lack of ideas on your geography paper? There is no point in worrying about that. Look through the list of stellar matters for your essay. It is up to you what option to select. Nevertheless, be sure there is a subject you will be eager to research and make up a paper about. Solely the pro specialists with vast expertise in paper writing have worked on this list, so be confident in relying on these 50 great topics.

Tips on How to Select the Best Geography Essay Topic

The uniqueness of geography as a discipline lies in its multidimensional nature. It implies that there is a bulk of aspects to discuss. There are more and less theoretical, as well as practical. It is up to you what style to choose. However, the main emphasis should be on originality and interestingness.

  • Choose something special.

Always try to be unique. Forget about boring theory, and find something genuinely relevant. It may be an ongoing issue, interesting fact, or a matter you are eager to reveal. Your original approach to the assignment is what increases your chances to get an A+ grade without further questions.

  • Trace your interests.

The more passion you have for the task, the easier it is to handle it successfully. It might seem obvious, but all young people follow this advice that often results in failures. If you like analyzing data and looking for fantastic content, practical geography topics are the most reasonable solution

  • Proper formulation is the key to success.

The more words, the more severe and complex your topic sounds is a myth. It just shows that you can not express your ideas concisely. Always attempt to find a proper formulation that conveys the central message of the chosen matter but does not make it complex and incomprehensible.

List of 10 Best Geography Essay Topics

  1. Natural factor in the formation of civilizations
  2. Outstanding geographical exploration, discovery, and travel
  3. Modern research of Antarctica
  4. Environmental crises in the history of the Earth
  5. World cities are the main centers of activity of the world community
  6. Assessment of the dynamics of indicators of economic potential
  7. Offshore zones as a result of world globalization
  8. The influence of natural conditions on the traits of the people
  9. Artificial disasters in nature
  10. Geography of the largest seaports in the world

10 Human Geography Essay Topics

  1. What social phenomena and processes are characteristic of society?
  2. The Age of Discovery: Significance in the history of people
  3. The current demographic situation in the world
  4. Specificity of the natural movement of the population
  5. The history of the creation of a political map of the world
  6. Problems of interaction between man and nature in the works of geographers
  7. Geography and regional studies: How were states and nations originated?
  8. The influence of geographic factors on the development of human society
  9. Ancient civilizations of the world: History and culture
  10. Nature and community as two components of the earthly realm

10 Environmental Geography Essay Topics

  1. Climate-forming recreational resources: Factors of formation and types
  2. World nature resources: The resources of the oceans and mineral resources
  3. Water resources: Pollution and legal protection
  4. Mining and economical use of minerals: Environmental implications
  5. Climatic zones and areas of the Earth: Patterns of location
  6. Use of renewable and inexhaustible energy sources in the world
  7. The origin of glaciers, their distribution, and their role on Earth
  8. The results of global warming: The possibility of developing ecological tourism
  9. World Ocean resources: Biological and mineral ones, and energy, what of them are in danger?
  10. Environmental safety of food

10 High School Geography Essay Topics

  1. Features of the technology for creating statistical maps
  2. Transport geography and unified transport system
  3. The influence of international migration in the formation and development of global cities
  4. The history of the building and development of economic geography
  5. The impact of urbanization on humanity
  6. Hazardous natural phenomena and their display on the map
  7. Environmental pollution by urban waste
  8. Microstates of the world
  9. Fauna and flora of the Earth: Endangered species
  10. Digital technologies in geographic research

10 World Geography Essay Topics

  1. Features of the socio-economic development of small towns at the present stage
  2. Long-term prospects for the growth of the Earth’s population and their implications for world development
  3. Geography of the world electric power industry
  4. Paradoxes of population migration in global cities
  5. World demographic growth and the prospects for humanity or degradation
  6. The role of international organizations in providing environmental education and awareness
  7. Features of the toponymy of the countries of the world
  8. Specially protected natural areas of the world
  9. Geography of offshore zones
  10. Tourism as a branch of the world economy: Urban space development in global cities

Geography Essay Ideas For College

Geography is a discipline with a wide range of aspects to select for discussion in the essay. If you need an article of a higher academic level, the above matters will be a reasonable choice. While a college student, you could omit or paraphrase ten high school topics or select one fascinating issue from the rest of 40.

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