50 Best Great Gatsby Essay Topics

If you have a major in literature or have a regular course in American literature, you must face an essay on the Great Gatsby. Not always teachers tell you what to write your article about. You can often make up a topic to your taste that may be an even more significant challenge. In such a case, you need a pro writer with first-hand experience in paper writing and literature. Subsequently, they can choose a stellar idea for your work and even perform a task for you!

Tips on How to Select the Best Great Gatsby Essay Topic

When you handle an essay on a novel, it is crucial to choose the right topic. An essay differs from a book review because it addresses one particular issue. To that end, your task is to select a relevant problem or matter raised in the novel to reveal it from your and the author’s points of view.

  1. Fundamental problem.

Probably the most critical criteria for the idea for an essay on the Great Gatsby is the matter you choose in the plot. It should be a central problem or a subject you are eager to reveal deep. There is no point in telling the reader about the mere beauty of the protagonist or their clothes. Try to see much into this and express your thoughts about the characters’ state while wearing such luxurious dresses, for example.

  1. Relevance.

The subject you select should have at least a minimum connection with the issues occurring in the world. A reader should find themself in the problems you raise. This feedback is crucial. It creates value for your work. In such a way, you give people a reason to wonder and reflect. Subsequently, your essay will have sense and be eye-catching.

  1. Novelty.

If you aim to get an A+ degree, mind you should make up something original. Please don’t attempt to find good papers on the Internet and rewrite them. Find an issue you are eager to research in the novel and trace it throughout the plot. Such an approach will add professionalism to your essay and show that you responsibly handle the assignment.

List of 10 Best Great Gatsby Essay Topics

  1. The novelty of Francis Fitzgerald in the Great Gatsby
  2. The attractiveness of hope and dream and their destruction
  3. The reflection of Francis Fitzgerald traits in the protagonist’s personality
  4. The echo of traditional culture in the book
  5. Can hope destroy the character?
  6. Illegality and humanity: Strict interrelation
  7. Could the skill and mastery of the author be somehow overvalued?
  8. The Great Gatsby is an attempt to express the essence of modern American life
  9. Is there a place for moral abstractions in the plot?
  10. The matter of coincidence and fiction: Where is the truth?

10 High School Great Gatsby Essay Topics

  1. Factual and fictional things in the story
  2. The multifaceted nature of the plot
  3. The matter of money in the novel
  4. The reflection of the author’s thoughts in the plot
  5. Love and feelings in the book
  6. Jealousy and faithfulness the main characters reflect
  7. The honesty of the characters in Great Gatsby
  8. Relevance of the story
  9. Fashion and style: Their role in the life of Jay Gatsby
  10. Quotes in the novel: How do they reflect the inner world of the author?

10 Analytical Great Gatsby Essay Topics

  1. How did the state of the author influence the atmosphere in the book?
  2. The attitude of the top publishing houses to the work of Francis Fitzgerald?
  3. The analysis of the modification to the book’s titles
  4. Comparison of the traits of negative and positive characters in the Great Gatsby
  5. Childhood in a wealthy family and how it influences the way a person thinks
  6. The history of writing the novel
  7. Skeletons in the closet and how they form an impression about the person?
  8. Analysis of the phenomena the author raises
  9. The role of Francis Fitzgerald in the American literature
  10. References and reviews on the novel: What experts say?

10 The Great Gatsby Psychoanalysis Essay Topics

  1. The magical and symbolic significance of the book
  2. Why does someone call the novel an apology for short-lived festivity?
  3. Contradictory American points of view on Fitzgerald’s novel
  4. Symbolism in the novel
  5. Things that make the readers wonder in the Great Gatsby
  6. Image and inner world of the protagonists
  7. The uniqueness of the Great Gatsby
  8. Essential aspects of the American way of life in the book
  9. The relation of the past and present in the plot
  10. The injustice of fate in the book

10 Marxist Essay Topics on Great Gatsby

  1. The epoch of changes in Great Gatsby
  2. Marxist motifs in the novel and how they influence the protagonist
  3. Music styles: The place of jazz in the plot
  4. American dream and its interrelationship with the goal of the characters
  5. Economic prosperity in the USA and the lives of characters of the novel
  6. Prohibition and attitude to it in Great Gatsby
  7. Ill-gotten gains of the protagonist: How do times affect his business?
  8. Luxurious feasts in the home of Jay Gatsby: Morality in the early 1920s
  9. Empty life in the era of hope and chance
  10. Securities fraud and how people earn on it in the novel

The Great Gatsby Essay Ideas For College

Analyzing the Great Gatsby in college, you may need some unique approaches. You should pay attention to more minor details and try to research the hidden senses in the novel. It would help if you spent more time performing the essay. Accordingly, the idea should be much more significant and unique.

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