50 Best Hamlet Essay Topics

In Hamlet, Shakespeare raises many important topics concerning the morality, honor, and duty of heroes. The author pays special attention to the philosophical theme of life and death. If you are going to write an essay about Hamlet, you have to think carefully about which one to choose from among the many options.

Tips on How to Select the Best Hamlet Essay Topic

Do not forget that the choice of the topic of the essay directly depends on the genre in which you will have to write it. Schoolchildren and students may be asked to create work in the form of:

  1. Descriptions (the topic of such a text is an object or phenomenon, the characteristics of which are being described);
  2. Narration (in this case, we are talking about the presentation of a specific course of events);
  3. Reasoning (the thesis is put forward, and the author needs to select the arguments that determine the attitude to the problem).

There is nothing wrong with the fact that a schoolchild, applicant, or student is asked to choose the topic of the essay. With the right approach, this will significantly simplify the task and help create quality text.

Some students may become disoriented in the first step when they need to write an essay about a Shakespeare book. Even those students who read Hamlet. But do not be afraid and lag. When choosing a topic about Hamlet, what should you pay attention to? Having received the task to write an essay on a free theme about Hamlet, you should not get lost. To correctly think about what to write about, you need to take into account some factors. How familiar are you with the topic? Have you read this book? Is the essence of the problem or question that needs to be described is clear?

Can you think of works of art that you can use as an example when writing the text? Have you ever written work on a specific topic before? Will you be able to meet the allotted time and the established volume? It will be much easier for you to choose a topic from the list below by answering these questions.

List of 10 Best Hamlet Essay Topics

  1. The world of the lyric hero of Shakespeare’s sonnets.
  2. The ideal of the beloved among the Petrarchists and Shakespeare.
  3. The theme of poet and poetry in Shakespeare’s sonnets.
  4. The development of the sonnet genre in European literature.
  5. The tragedy of W. Shakespeare “Hamlet” as a work of the late Renaissance
  6. “Hamlet” and the beginning of a new stage in the work of Shakespeare.
  7. Socio-historical, philosophical, psychological problems of the tragedy.
  8. Disclosure of the essence of the tragedy of Hamlet in the monologue “To be or not to be.”
  9. The problem of “Hamletism.”
  10. Hamlet and his spirit and soul.

10 Human Hamlet Essay Topics

  1. External conflict in the tragedy Hamlet.
  2. What characters do you encounter in the play?
  3. What is the basis for the conflict of the actors by definition?
  4. What personal reasons does Hamlet have for fighting Claudius?
  5. Which of the characters in Hamlet is in a similar “revenge situation”?
  6. Why does Hamlet hesitate to take revenge?
  7. What is the moral side of the conflict? Describe Claudius morally.
  8. How are the mores of Elsinore’s society shown in the tragedy? Describe the individual representatives of this society: Polonia, Ophelia, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern.
  9. What artistic means does Shakespeare use to convey the state of the world depicted in the tragedy?
  10. Find examples of images associated with illness and death in the text of the play.

10 Hamlet Essay Topics Ophelia

  1. Describe the socio-political situation depicted by Shakespeare in the tragedy.
  2. What kind of political system exists in Denmark?
  3. Prove your point of view about the state system with the help of episodes of the tragedy.
  4. Where did Hamlet study, and how did this affect his views?
  5. What calamities does Hamlet list in the second part of the monologue “To Be or Not to Be” and why?
  6. Why didn’t Shakespeare give Hamlet a complete victory?
  7. Who owns the historical future: the prince or Claudius?
  8. How can one characterize the eternal Hamlet situation?
  9. Hamlet’s internal conflict.
  10. How is Hamlet shown in the tragedy?

10 High School Hamlet Essay Topics

  1. List the features of Hamlet’s image and describe the scenes in which they appear.
  2. Dialectics of Hamlet’s Development. Confirm your point of view with the text of the tragedy.
  3. What are the causes of Hamlet’s suffering, and what is his greatness?
  4. Striving for earthly glory is the main plot.
  5. Interpretation of “Hamlet” by Goethe.
  6. The tragic as an aesthetic problem.
  7. The concept of the historic chronicle.
  8. Sources of plots and problems of historical chronicles of Shakespeare.
  9. Reasons for Shakespeare’s Appeal to the History of England in Hamlet.
  10. How is evil portrayed in the tragedy in the most diverse manifestations of treason, betrayal, and murder?

10 Hamlet Essay Topics About Mother

  1. The nature of the conflict and the specifics of its resolution; the conflict is external and internal. The image of Hamlet, his practice.
  2. Revenge Problem: Hamlet, Laertes, Fortinbras.
  3. Female images: Ophelia and Gertrude.
  4. The evil in the world is Claudius.
  5. Images of Polonius, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. The image of the Ghost.
  6. Composition of the tragedy. Finale interpretation. Philosophical sound of the tragedy.
  7. Hamlet is one of the eternal images in world literature.
  8. Why is evil in Hamlet the dominant force of life?
  9. The theme of achieving universal justice, the tragedy of human existence in a perverted world, where the concepts of good and evil have changed places.

Essay Topics For Hamlet Too Difficult? Do THIS

In addition to the ability to make a plan and express your thoughts, it is also important to get acquainted with various literary works, that is, to read. In the process, you will need to refer to the characters and argue with facts from the specific works of domestic and world writers. Read as much as possible, and then writing essays will not be a problem.

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