50 Best Health Essay Topics

The earliest definition of health given by Alcmeon has its supporters to this day. He said that health is the harmony of opposing forces. Cicero described health as the correct balance of various states of mind. Stoics and Epicureans valued health above all else, opposing it to enthusiasm, the desire for everything immoderate and dangerous. The Epicureans believed that health is complete contentment, provided that all needs are fully satisfied. Therefore, health is a very important part of every person’s life.

Tips on How to Select the Best Health Essay Topic

It is very important for students of all directions in science to understand the value of a healthy lifestyle. But students studying in the direction of medicine or psychology will also have to complete essay writing assignments. But how do you choose a theme from a variety of different themes?

It will be better for you to choose a topic that is close, and with a description of which there will be no difficulties. This will make it easier to pick up arguments and present them correctly. And this is a very important point when performing such tasks because it is important not only to state your current vision but also to support it with well-known facts from medicine and psychology. When it comes to writing an exam paper or summing up the results at the university, a familiar topic will help you relax, quickly navigate, and safely pass the test.

Schoolchildren and students can prepare for the final work in advance. Some universities are preliminary developing possible topics. They are in the public domain, and graduates have every chance to choose the option that suits them and get ready. And also you can choose a theme below from the list prepared for you by the specialists of our site!

List of 10 Best Health Essay Topics

  1. Self-regulation.
  2. Antique psychology of health.
  3. Biorhythms. Classification and myths.
  4. Relaxation. Why is it important to relax for every person at the present time?
  5. Altered states of consciousness. Where is the harm and where is the benefit?
  6. Meditation. Why has the east brought us tremendous benefits from meditation?
  7. Suggestion, self-hypnosis. How can self-hypnosis improve or worsen our health and immunity?
  8. Auto-training.
  9. Psychology of longevity. Examples of longevity statistics in Asian countries.
  10. Addictive habits.

10 Health Essay Topics For High School Students

  1. Health ecology.
  2. Stress and its consequences for human and animal health.
  3. Valueology as a science of individual human health.
  4. Sinology as a science of public health.
  5. Cyanogenic thinking.
  6. Healthy lifestyle. Why is it essential to adhere to a healthy lifestyle for everyone?
  7. Iridology. Diagnostics of health by the iris of the eye. Does this type of diagnostics work?
  8. Factors affecting health.
  9. Sleep psychology.
  10. Nutrition psychology. Why can you get sick even if you eat well?

10 Health Care Essay Topics

  1. Adaptive health model.
  2. Nutrition and vital functions, metabolism, and energy in the body.
  3. The most essential components of life are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, water.
  4. Where and how is food digested?
  5. Physiology and biochemistry of nutrition (the essence of digestion, food taste, appetite, thirst, hunger, food allergies).
  6. Basics of a balanced diet.
  7. Normal body weight. Obesity.
  8. Normalization of body weight by means of physical education and nutritional control.
  9. Weight regulation of the athlete.
  10. A dangerous world of calories. Where is the benefit, and where is the harm?

10 Mental Health Essay Topics

  1. Psychology in medicine. What does a psychologist do in medical institutions?
  2. Influence of color. Psychological methods of improving mental health.
  3. The influence of music. Psychological methods for improving mental health.
  4. Intelligence and health. Why does the intellect depend on whether a person will get sick in old age?
  5. Humor and health. Laughter therapy. How can stand-ups help improve human health?
  6. Dance therapy. Psychological methods for improving mental health.
  7. Art therapy. Varieties and mechanisms for improving mental health.
  8. Psycho-gymnastics. Why is it essential for everyone to practice?
  9. Reflexology. Why is it essential for everyone to study it?
  10. Reflexology. Why is it essential for everyone to practice?

10 Health and Wellness Essay Topics

  1. Vegetables and fruits are in the diet of a healthy and sick person.
  2. Aerobics for wellness.
  3. Separate food or whether it is necessary to share the inseparable
  4. Rational nutrition and its benefits.
  5. Healing Fitness.
  6. Running and extra pounds.
  7. General patterns of changes in physiological and psychological manifestations of mental performance and fatigue in the learning process (day, week, semester, for the academic year).
  8. Self-assessment of the state of health as an indicator of the subjective state of students.
  9. The state of health and performance of students during the examination period.
  10. The use of physical culture means regulating the psychoemotional and functional state of students in the mode of the academic year.

Health Related Essay Topics Too Difficult? Do THIS

As you can understand for yourself, health is a person’s acquisition of himself, realization, full and harmonious inclusion in the community of people. It is worth perceiving a healthy person as mobile, open, and not constantly using protective reactions, independent of external influences and relying on himself. Optimally actualizing, such a person constantly lives in every new moment of life. This person is mobile and adapts well to changing conditions, tolerant of others, emotional, and reflective.

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