50 Best Heart of Darkness Essay Topics

We are faced with the need to complete an essay not only while studying at school. Writing on literature is one of the tasks that must be completed when passing the exams. Without an essay, there will be incomplete preparation for admission to the university and the study of specialized subjects at the university. Therefore, choosing a topic and writing an essay should be taken seriously. But remember that it will be much easier for you to write an essay after reading Heart of Darkness.

Tips on How to Select the Best Heart of Darkness Essay Topic

How to choose the right topic and fully disclose it? How to surprise a school teacher or university teacher with quality work? Let’s try to understand these and other issues together.

Did the essays on the free theme about the Heart of Darkness make you think too? Indeed, there are far fewer problems with writing papers on a specific topic. And what to do if you need to come up with something to write about yourself? After all, a correctly chosen theme about the Heart of Darkness is the key to success. It determines the structure of the work, its genre, style, and other features. Therefore, the choice of topic should be taken seriously.

After reading, try to analyze the work and draw conclusions independently. Then ask questions about the piece and observe what exciting questions you can think of. You can also choose a topic from the list below, which was compiled for you by experts.

List of 10 Best Heart of Darkness Essay Topics

  1. English neo-romanticism on the example of the work of J. Conrad.
  2. The image of the narrator Charles Marlowe.
  3. Who plays the most essential role in the composition and structure of the story?
  4. How does Marlowe describe his trip to Africa?
  5. An outline of Kurtz’s controversial character.
  6. Why is the Heart of Darkness one of Konrad’s most striking anti-colonialist works?
  7. How does Konrad sympathetically portray the plight of blacks who are dying of hunger and disease?
  8. The Situation of Blacks in the Heart of Darkness.
  9. Why is the accusatory character of the story also reflected in contrast in the depiction of Negroes and European-colonialists?
  10. How is the death of blacks depicted in Heart of Darkness?

10 High School Heart of Darkness Essay Topics

  1. Portrait of a company accountant.
  2. How does the story indicate the main reason for cruelty and inhumanity?
  3. Why did the colonialists try to get more ivory?
  4. Why is Dostoevsky’s influence perceptible in some Konrad’s works, although Konrad spoke negatively about him?
  5. Why does the role of the storyteller increase in Konrad’s novels, and thereby, the significance of other compositional forms increases?
  6. A study of oriental studies is presented in Konrad’s novel.
  7. Conrad’s Heart of Darkness: An Inner Battle.
  8. Restrictions and moderation in the composition “Heart of Darkness.”
  9. Central station and its dispatcher. Showing a real black heart.
  10. Making “Darkness” bright and clear.

10 Heart of Darkness Racism Essay Topics

  1. What happens if you reveal the true nature of man?
  2. Who is Kurtz in Heart of Darkness, and what are his personality traits?
  3. Deep and black images in Konrad’s novel.
  4. Colonialism Essay “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad.
  5. A modernist perspective on Heart of Darkness and the study of alienation.
  6. How early and late feminists read Heart of Darkness.
  7. Complete review of The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.
  8. How is the devastation thoroughly revealed in Heart of Darkness?
  9. Kurz and Aisha Similarities and Differences in the Heart of Darkness.
  10. “Heart of Darkness” by Konrad and apocalyptic features worth paying attention to.

10 Imperialism in the Heart of Darkness Essay Topics

  1. Light and dark discrepancies in the plot of the Heart of Darkness.
  2. The narrator and the value of having a good one.
  3. Portraits of Imperialism in the Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
  4. Solitary characters and their uses. How do they help with further storytelling?
  5. Racism and two sides of the coin in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.
  6. Symbolism together with irony in Conrad’s “heart of darkness.”
  7. Powerless Kurz revolt.
  8. What is Joseph Conrad hiding inside?
  9. Official Canon of British Literature and Conrad in the Heart of Darkness.
  10. How strong is the truth, and how important is it?

10 Symbolism in the heart of Darkness Essay Topics

  1. Human darkness defeated
  2. Talk and be mute.
  3. How are female characters represented in the Heart of Darkness?
  4. Using the philosophical ideas of Hobbes in Konrad’s novel.
  5. Female characters and female problems in the novel Heart of Darkness.
  6. Literary analysis of any passage from the “Heart of Darkness.”
  7. The moral equivalence of Kurz in the novel.
  8. The heart of darkness and the exploration of racism in it.
  9. Heart of Darkness: Two Sides of the Same Violence Story.
  10. “Heart of Darkness” by Konrad is one of the top 100 books.

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