50 Best Illustration Essay Topics

An illustration essay is one of the best ways to improve students’ writing as well as reasoning skills. It’s a serious yet very entertaining task. The main goal of the essay is clear – to illustrate or explain something. We believe that you won’t have any troubles writing your essay but you can still get confused by such an enormous choice. Check our lists of topics of different difficulty levels to get some inspiration or pick one!

Tips on How to Select the Best Illustration Essay Topic

First and foremost, you will always benefit from choosing the topic you are keen on for your essay. This assignment is exactly the one to do so. If you don’t have any restrictions, you are free to choose from thousands of topics. You will undoubtedly find something pleasant, won’t you?

In addition, try thinking out of the box and pick a creative topic. This will surely gain you some extra points, imagine how the teachers are bored by all the descriptions of pets and perfect holidays. Make up your mind to come up with a unique topic. Remember, everything that can be described or explained is a topic!

Finally, consider your academic level while choosing a topic for your essay. It’s a bit unacceptable to write about your best friend in college, do you agree? At the same time, some topics can be too complicated to write about in school.

List of 30 Best Illustration Essay Topics

  1. Describe the feeling of love
  2. Illustrate your position regarding stereotypes and gender roles in society
  3. Explain why you love your favorite book character
  4. Describe the student’s life
  5. Tell about one day in the life of your ancestor
  6. Describe yourself as a fictional character
  7. Describe your life priorities
  8. Explain how social media have influenced you
  9. Describe your personal boundaries and how you protect them
  10. Describe how you’ve acquired your coping mechanisms
  11. Describe your startup idea
  12. Explain what is important for you in people
  13. What is the key to going viral on social media?
  14. Explain why you believe in God (or why not)
  15. Explain how what doesn’t kill you make you stronger
  16. Describe the best invention of this year
  17. Describe the significant features of the generation Z
  18. Explain why some people are against vaccination (regarding Covid-19)
  19. Explain why warnings on cigarettes don’t work
  20. Explain how Tik Tok FYP works
  21. Explain how Zodiac signs are true (or not)
  22. Explain the importance of reading
  23. Explain why we see dreams
  24. Describe the future of the Mars
  25. Describe your specific hobby
  26. Explain the idea of communism
  27. Explain the advantages of going to college
  28. Describe how you study at home
  29. Explain the importance of self-education
  30. Describe how the world will be changed in the next decade

10 Easy Illustration Essay Topics

  1. Describe your favorite book/film/series
  2. Describe your deepest dream
  3. Describe your role model
  4. Explain how much you want to earn and why
  5. Describe what you do to help the environment
  6. Describe different types of emotional support
  7. Explain what is more important for you: to love or be loved
  8. Describe the personality of your best friend
  9. Illustrate how to maintain good relationships with parents as a teenager
  10. Describe your dream job

10 College Level Illustration Essay Topics

  1. Explain how rape culture benefits all men
  2. Explain why we can’t beat social inequality
  3. The drawbacks of capitalism
  4. Explain how the productivity culture causes harm to people
  5. Demonstrate the law you’d like to introduce
  6. Explain whether self-diagnosis for mental issues is valid
  7. Describe the best political system for your country
  8. Describe the possible World War III
  9. Describe a social issue that seems the most disturbing to you
  10. Explain how you think taxes should work

Illustration Essay Ideas For High School

  1. Explain why the government can’t just print more money
  2. Explain why freedom of speech is important
  3. Demonstrate how women are influenced by the beauty industry
  4. Describe the butterfly effect
  5. Steps to eliminate unemployment
  6. Explain why racism has no objective basis
  7. Explain how the addiction starts
  8. Illustrate how society affects personality development
  9. Why some children are cruel and become bullies?
  10. Describe some stereotypes that we are taught which need to be canceled

Illustration Related Essay Topics Too Difficult? Do THIS

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