50 Best Julius Caesar Essay Topics

The tragedy of “Julius Caesar” is one of the most famous plays by Shakespeare. It depicts many everlasting problems such as loyalty, fate, free will, treason, and many others. For this reason, every generation of readers rediscovers the relevance of the play again and again. Needless to say, that “Julius Caesar” is a very serious piece of reading and may challenge the minds of many students. In case you don’t feel confident with your awareness of the topic, we provide you with various examples of what you can write your essay about, from the easiest options to serious topics for college students.

Tips on How to Select the Best Julius Caesar Essay Topic

While selecting a topic for your essay, you should start with those aspects that concerned you the most during reading. This can be a character in general or relations between them, an event, or a character’s behavior under certain circumstances.

Secondly, make sure that you have enough space to elaborate on the chosen topic. In other words, it has to be sufficiently broad and, at the same time, not too wide, so that you can include all details worth highlighting.

Last but not least, you may ask your teacher for help. They’ve seen hundreds of essays on “Julius Caesar” and surely understand which topics are beneficial for students.

List of 20 Best William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” Essay Topics

  1. The main ideas of the tragedy “Julius Caesar”
  2. Prominent themes of Shakespeare’s tragedy
  3. Describe the antagonist in “Julius Caesar”
  4. The problem of tyranny in the tragedy
  5. What features make “Julius Caesar” a tragedy?
  6. What lessons can a modern student learn from “Julius Caesar”?
  7. The assassination of Caesar
  8. Find and analyze some metaphors in the play
  9. The death of Cassius
  10. Analyze relationships between Caesar and Cassius
  11. Why is Caesar so powerful?
  12. What are the relations between Caesar and Octavius?
  13. Why does Brutus decide to kill himself?
  14. Character analysis: Julius Caesar
  15. Character analysis: Octavius Caesar
  16. Character analysis: Marcus Brutus
  17. Character analysis: Cassius
  18. Character analysis: Mark Antony
  19. Character analysis: Flavius
  20. Character analysis: Cicero

10 Essay Topics For the Julius Caesar Tragedy

  1. Key motifs in “Julius Caesar”
  2. Symbols in Shakespeare’s tragedy
  3. Describe the protagonist of the tragedy “Julius Caesar”
  4. The civil war in the play “Julius Caesar”
  5. Analyze relationships between Caesar and Brutus
  6. Historical background of the play “Julius Caesar”
  7. Character analysis: Lepidus
  8. Character analysis: Casca
  9. Character analysis: Decius Brutus
  10. Character analysis: Calpurnia

10 Julius Caesar Miss Effie Essay Topics

  1. Analyze relationships between Caesar and his wife
  2. Choose your favorite quote from the play and explain it
  3. The influence of omens in “Julius Caesar”
  4. What character do you most relate to? Why?
  5. Private Caesar vs public Caesar
  6. The importance of the comet
  7. Character analysis: Cinna
  8. Character analysis: Metellus Cimber
  9. Character analysis: Trebonius
  10. Character analysis: Caius Ligarius

10 Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. How is fate viewed in “Julius Caesar”?
  2. What is stronger according to Shakespeare, free will or fate?
  3. What is Caesar’s position in power? Is it ethically acceptable?
  4. Do we need to read Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” in modern times? Explain why
  5. Based on the tragedy, can murder be justified?
  6. The role of women and wives in the play “Julius Caesar”
  7. Who is the hero and who is the villain in the tragedy?
  8. Who is the main manipulator in “Julius Caesar”?
  9. Does Caesar deserve to be killed?
  10. Why does Antony speak at Caesar’s funeral?

Julius Caesar Essay Ideas For College

  1. The political landscape in the play “Julius Caesar”
  2. The role of honor in the tragedy
  3. Main features of the setting of Shakespeare’s play
  4. How allusions are used in “Julius Caesar”?
  5. Compare rhetoric styles of the main characters
  6. Analyze how prose and verse are used in the play
  7. Foreshadowing in the tragedy “Julius Caesar”
  8. What are Shakespeare’s deviations from the main source of the play (Plutarch’s “Lives”)?
  9. Why there are debates about the protagonist in the play?
  10. The power of deception in Shakespeare’s tragedy

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